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  • Naqeeb Ahmad Jan
    Origin of Triolet (Drewala)
    درېواله څنګه او ولې؟
    Pashto, 40-41(642), 2011

  • Noor-ul Habib Nisar
    Pashto Folk Literature
    پښتو اولسي او شفاهي ادبيات
    Pashto, 40-41(642), 2011

  • New Books

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    Pukhtana Nangiali
    Muhammad Khanmir Hilali
    پښتانه ننګيالي
    محمد خانمير هلالي



    A Seminar by POHA Foundation on the eve of 477th Anniversary of Afghan Victory in India

    When? On 17/05/2017 at 16:00.

    په هند کښې د افغانستان د بري ۴۷۷ کليزې په درشل کښې د پوهه فاؤنډېشن په بنسټ يو يوورځنئ غونډه.

    کله؟ په 17/05/2017 باندې 16:00 بجو ته۔

    A book by Dr. Yusuf Khan Jazab on Ethno-Linguistic study of Karlanri Dialectal Variations (e.g. Phonological, Morphological, and Lexical), such as Waziri, Bannuchi, and Khattak dialects has been published by Pashto Academy. Their colloquial speech is compared with that of Marwats, a Non-Karlanri tribe.

    When? On 06/05/2017

    د پښتو کرلاڼي لهجو تر مېنځ توپېرونو په حواله ، ډاکټر يوسف خان جزاب يو مفصل قومي او ژبني جاج وړاندې کړۍ دې۔ دوئي دغه لهجې د مروتو لهجې (چه غېر کرلاڼيان دي) سره پر تله کړي دي۔ نن پښتو اکېډمي دغه مطالعه په کتابي شکل کښې خپور کړو۔

    کله؟ په 06/05/2017 باندې

    Director's Message

    It is one of the main objectives of Pashto Academy to achieve Research oriented goals. Research is one of the foundation stones of this Academy.  Here Research is basically done in the field of Pashto Language & Literature, History and Culture. In past tremendous work has been done by our predecessors and still we are striving to achieve this goal of excellence. It is in the manifesto of the Academy to form cordial relations with all Nation and International organizations for the promotion and development of Pashto Language & Literature, History and Culture.

    Dr. Nasrullah Jan Wazir

    Pashtun Cultural Museum

    A magnificent representation of the culture heritage and the diversity of the Pashtoons is depicted by the Cultural Museum and Art Gallery. A Proposal was presented to the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad (HEC) in 2006 and funding of Rs 23 Million has been provided by the HEC for the completion of the said project. 

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    Obituary: Prof. Muhammad Nawaz Tair

    With a heavy heart, it is informed that Prof. Muhammad Nawaz Tayir, former director of Pashto Academy, has passed away today. He was born to Abdul Akbar Khan in 1934. He was a Bazid Khel Yousufzai from Thana. His initial schooling was from his local school in Thana. Later, he completed his BA from Islamia College Peshawar,

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    مړينه: پروفېسر محمد نواز طائر

    په ډېرې خواشينۍ سره تاسو خبرؤو چه د پښتو ژبې تکړه محقق او د پښتو اکېډمۍ پخوانې ډائرکټر پروفېسر محمد نواز طائر په حق اورسېدو. نوموړي د پښتو ادبي څيړنو په حقله سؤونو اثار پرېښي دي.

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    د پښتو مجلې جلد ۴٦، شمار ٦۵۳ شائع شو

    د پښتو جرنال دغه ګڼه کښې پوره پوره هڅه شوې ده  چې د عنواناتو تنوع ، د موادو ارزښت، څېړنېز لوازمات او هم د پښتو اکېډيمۍ د کره  او معياري  ليک دود اختيارولو لازم شرائط په ځاے کړے شي ـ چونکې دغه مجله يوه تحقيقي مجله ده او د دې يواځينے مقصد د پښتو ژبې او ادب مينه والو ته د تحقيق په مېدان کښې اسانتياوې پېدا کول دي ـ

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    The Pashto Academy has a well stocked library of over 50,000 books. After the Central Library of the University of Peshawar the Pashto Academy Library is the most useful library. One of the most valuable acquisitions of the library is its collection of 1453 ancient manuscripts in the oriental languages. 

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    Pashto Journal

    Pashto is a bilingual/biannual refereed research journal published by the Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar. It is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan under Z category. It publishes papers in Pashto and English on Pashto language, literature, history, art and culture.

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