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[7]Some Omitted Names in the Poetry of Khushal\protect \RLد خوشحال په کلام کښې ځينې وران کړي شوي نومونه ( and ), In Pashto, volume 46, . [bibtex]
[6]Memories of Suhaba in the Poetry of Khushal Baba\protect \RLد خوشحال بابا په شعر کښې د اصحاب کرامو يادؤنه ( and ), In Pashto, volume 45, . [bibtex]
[5]Afsana in Pashto after 9/11 (11 September)\protect \RLپښتو افسانه: د يوولسم ستمبر نه پس ( and ), In Pashto, volume 45, . [bibtex]
[4]Hadith in the Poetry of Khushal Khan Khattak\protect \RL (, and ), In Pashto, volume 44, . [bibtex]
[3]Life of Abdul Azim Baba, According to his Poetry\protect \RLد عبدل عظيم بابا ژوند، د هغه شاعرۍ په رڼا کښې (), In Pashto, volume 44, . [bibtex]
[2]Clarification of Jalal Khan in the Bail of Khushal Khan\protect \RLد خوشحال خان په ضامن کښې د جلال خان سپيناوے (), In Pashto, volume 43, . [bibtex]
[1]The mentioned personalities (poets) in the poetry of legend Khushal\protect \RLد ستر خوشحال په شاعرۍ کښې مذکور شاعران (), In Pashto, volume 42, . [bibtex]
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