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[6]Qambar Ali Khan Orakzai (An Elegy and Ghazal Poet of the Southern Districts)\protect \RLقمبر علي خان اورکزے د سوئېلي سيمي يو مرثيه ګو او غزل ګو شاعر ( and ), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[5]A Critical review of the greatest Pashto colloquial poet Fida Mutahir's life and works\protect \RLد ستر اولسي شاعر فدا مطهر د ژوند او فن څيړنه (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[4]Kamil and Khushal\protect \RLکامل او خوشحال (), In Pashto, volume 39, . [bibtex]
[3]A Forgotten Literary Figure of the Marwat Region\protect \RLد مروتو سيمې يو نوم ورکے ادبي شخصيت (), In Pashto, volume 38, . [bibtex]
[2]The Problem of Medium of Instruction in NWFP\protect \RL (), In Pashto, volume 36, . [bibtex]
[1]Life and Times of Raza Mohmandi\protect \RLرضا مهمندي ژوند او فن (), In Pashto, volume 36, . [bibtex]
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