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[5]Pa Germany Ke da Pakhto Yawa Qalmi Nuskha Mujma al-Ashar\protect \RLپه جرمني کښې د پښتو يوه قلمي نسخه: مجمع الاشعار (), In Pashto, volume 45, . [bibtex]
[4]Lexical Variation in Pashto: A Comparative Study Conducted in Mardan and Swat\protect \RL ( and ), In Pashto, volume 44, . [bibtex]
[3]Development of Pashto Poetry in Swat Before 1915\protect \RLپه سوات کښې د ۱۹۱۵ نه وړاندې د پښتو شاعرۍ (), In Pashto, volume 42, . [bibtex]
[2]Pashto As Official Language In The Swat State\protect \RLپښتو د سوات دفتري او سرکاري ژبه (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[1]The Evil of Pak-Afghan cross Border Smuggling and its Impact on Pakistan's Economy\protect \RLد پاک افغان په پوله سمګلنګ او د پاکستان په معاش د هغې اثرات ( and ), In Pashto, volume 38, . [bibtex]
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