Publications in shared/bib.bib - Author: Noor Muhammad Danish Bettani
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[9]Sir Syed's Religious Thought: A Critical Analysis\protect \RL ( and ), In Pashto, volume 45, . [bibtex]
[8]An Analysis of Pashto Novel\protect \RL ( and ), In Pashto, volume 44, . [bibtex]
[7]Romanticism in the Poetry of Ikram Ullah Gran\protect \RLد اکرام الله ګران په غزل کښې رومانيت (), In Pashto, volume 44, . [bibtex]
[6]Pashtun, Romanticism, and Tappa\protect \RLپښتانه، رومان، او ټپه (), In Pashto, volume 43, . [bibtex]
[5]A modern Poet and his Modern Poetry: Dr. Muhammad Azam Azam\protect \RLډاکټر محمد اعظم اعظم د نوې شاعرۍ د روايت پاسدار شاعر ( and ), In Pashto, volume 42, . [bibtex]
[4]Pakhto Imla o Leek Dood Masail\protect \RLپښتو املا او ليک دود مسائل ( and ), In Pashto, volume 42, . [bibtex]
[3]Sociological aspect of Pashto tappa\protect \RLعمراني وړانګې د ټپې په هنداره کښې ( and ), In Pashto, volume 42, . [bibtex]
[2]Tappa kay da Pukhtano Nafsiato Rang\protect \RLټپه کښې د پښتنو د نفسياتو رنګ ( and ), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[1]Pakhtoon Code of Conduct in Hamza Shinwari's Poetry\protect \RLد حمزه شنواري په شاعرۍ کښې پښتني اخلاقيات (), In Pashto, volume 38, . [bibtex]
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