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[28]Pashtuns, their Culture, Language and Literature\protect \RLپښتانه، پښتون کلچر، پښتو ژبه، او ادب (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[27]Said Khair Muhammad Arif Shairi Ke Pakhto\protect \RLسيد خېر محمد عارف په شاعرۍ کښې د پښتو.. (), In Takatoo, volume 4, . [bibtex]
[26]Role of Pashto Academy in the Promotion of Pashto Language and Literature\protect \RLد پښتو ژبې او ادب په پر مختګ کښې د پښتو اکېډمۍ کوټه (), In Takatoo, volume 4, . [bibtex]
[25]Pashto Poets who Raised their Voice Against Dictatorships\protect \RLد آمرانه نظام په خلاف د پښتنو شاعرانو مقاومت (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[24]Who was Akhund Sallak?\protect \RLاخوند څالاک څوک ؤ؟ (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[23]Tappa kay da Pukhtano Nafsiato Rang\protect \RLټپه کښې د پښتنو د نفسياتو رنګ ( and ), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[22]The Warrior: Ashraf Khan Hijri\protect \RLاشرف خان هجري: يو مبارز (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[21]Critical Survey and Tolana\protect \RLکره کتنه او ټولنه (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[20]Pashto Poetry and Aesthetics\protect \RLپښتو شاعري او جماليات ( and ), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[19]The Split Verb in Puxtho Speech\protect \RL (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[18]The Puxtho Phonemes and their Variants\protect \RL (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[17]A Comparative Analysis of the Effect of Pashto on Barushky language\protect \RLبروشکۍ ژبې ته د پښتو ژبې پېرزوئنې ( and ), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[16]Pashto As Official Language In The Swat State\protect \RLپښتو د سوات دفتري او سرکاري ژبه (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[15]The statement of Khushal Khan Khattak about Khattaks in Their odes\protect \RLخوشحال خان خټک په قصائدو کښې د خټکو ذکر (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[14]Image of the women in Khushal Khan Khattak poetry\protect \RLد خوشحال خان خټک په کلام کښې د ښځې انځور (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[13]Some Current Pashto Folk Stories by F. H. Malyon\protect \RLد پښتو د اولسي قيصو يوه اهمه مجموعه (اېف اېچ مېلئين) (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[12]Dard an Unknown Pashto Banned Play (Drama) of 1932\protect \RLد پښتو يوه نايابه ضبط شوې ډرامه دړد ﴿۱۹۳۲﴾ (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[11]A Critical and Research Survey of Modern poem in Pashto\protect \RLپښتو کښې د جديد نظم، يوه تحقيقي او تنقيدي جائزه (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[10]The Literal and Aesthetical Style of Mazullah Khan Mohmand's Poetry\protect \RLد معز الله خان مومند په شاعرۍ کښې لفظي او بديعي صنائع (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[9]Qambar Ali Khan Orakzai (An Elegy and Ghazal Poet of the Southern Districts)\protect \RLقمبر علي خان اورکزے د سوئېلي سيمي يو مرثيه ګو او غزل ګو شاعر ( and ), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[8]A Critical review of the greatest Pashto colloquial poet Fida Mutahir's life and works\protect \RLد ستر اولسي شاعر فدا مطهر د ژوند او فن څيړنه (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[7]The root cause of Ashraf Khan Hijri imprisonment\protect \RLد اشرف خان هجري د قېد و بند مهمه وجه (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[6]Second Order Predicate Logic for Pashto Knowledge Representation\protect \RL ( and ), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[5]Spiritual Journey of Major Younas Khalil (An Investigative and Critical Analysis)\protect \RLد مېجر يونس خليل ژوند پرسته شاعري ﴿يوه تحقيقي او تنقيدي څيړنه﴾ (), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[4]Pattern Poetry\protect \RLتصويري شاعري (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[3]Pashto Manuscript in the Deyal Singh Trust Library, Lahore\protect \RLد ديال سينګ ټرسټ لائبرېرۍ لاهور کښې پښتو قلمي نسخې (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
[2]Lor Khor Ka Ghwa Mekha - A Feminist Study of Pashto Short Stories\protect \RLلور خور که غوا مېښه؟ پښتو افسانو کښې د زنانؤ د ستونزو او کشالو مطالعه ( and ), In Pashto, volume 40-41, . [bibtex]
[1]Ghani Khan and Josh Maleh Abadi\protect \RLجوش مليح آبادي او غني خان (), In Pashto, volume 41, . [bibtex]
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