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Pashto Academy, Peshawar University

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نوي مقالې

  • Said ul Amin Ahsan Kheshki, Literature of Migration, Pashto, 46(654s), 2017
  • سېد الامين احسن خېشکي، ادب المهجر، Pashto, 46(654s), 2017
  • New Books

    نوي کتابونه

    Amir Hamza Shinwari, Zhwand o Yun: Different Aspects of Life, 1977
    Muhammad Khanmir Hilali, Pukhtana Nangiali, 1987
    محمد خانمير هلالي، پښتانه ننګيالي، 1987



    A Seminar by POHA Foundation on the eve of 477th Anniversary of Afghan Victory in India

    When? On 17/05/2017 at 16:00.

    په هند کښې د افغانستان د بري ۴۷۷ کليزې په درشل کښې د پوهه فاؤنډېشن په بنسټ يو يوورځنئ غونډه.

    کله؟ په 17/05/2017 باندې 16:00 بجو ته۔

    A book by Dr. Yusuf Khan Jazab on Ethno-Linguistic study of Karlanri Dialectal Variations (e.g. Phonological, Morphological, and Lexical), such as Waziri, Bannuchi, and Khattak dialects has been published by Pashto Academy. Their colloquial speech is compared with that of Marwats, a Non-Karlanri tribe.

    When? On 06/05/2017

    د پښتو کرلاڼي لهجو تر مېنځ توپېرونو په حواله ، ډاکټر يوسف خان جزاب يو مفصل قومي او ژبني جاج وړاندې کړۍ دې۔ دوئي دغه لهجې د مروتو لهجې (چه غېر کرلاڼيان دي) سره پر تله کړي دي۔ نن پښتو اکېډمي دغه مطالعه په کتابي شکل کښې خپور کړو۔

    کله؟ په 06/05/2017 باندې


    The Pashto Academy has a well stocked library of over 50,000 books. After the Central Library of the University of Peshawar the Pashto Academy Library is the most useful library. One of the most valuable acquisitions of the library is its collection of 1453 ancient manuscripts in the oriental languages. The Academy’s founder and first Director Maulana Abdul Qadir set the tradition that is still followed today of buying and collecting ancient manuscripts to preserve the Pashtoons rich cultural heritage for future generations. It was the dream of every Director of the Academy since its inception in 1955 to find resources to preserve these valuable manuscripts that are destroyed due to humid and hot weather, biodegradation and book worms..

    The Academy was very lucky when the US Consulate through its Ambassador’s Fund decided to finance the preservation of  these valuable manuscripts of  particular interest are the Shahnama Firdouse, Diwan e Rahman, Khairul Bayan, Kulyat e Khushal, Dewan e Ahmed Shah Abdali and beautifully preserved Holy Qurans. They are all excellent examples of calligraphy and beautiful illustrations. These manuscripts are invaluable to research scholars and students of not only the University of Peshawar but also oriental scholars of the country and foreign scholars. Researches from across Pakistan as well as Afghanistan and Iran visit the library to quench their thirst.

    The ancient Pashto books on language and Literature, historical culture are no more available throughout the world.

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