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Pashto Academy, Peshawar University

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نوي مقالې

  • Said ul Amin Ahsan Kheshki, Literature of Migration, Pashto, 46(654s), 2017
  • سېد الامين احسن خېشکي، ادب المهجر، Pashto, 46(654s), 2017
  • New Books

    نوي کتابونه

    Amir Hamza Shinwari, Zhwand o Yun: Different Aspects of Life, 1977
    Muhammad Khanmir Hilali, Pukhtana Nangiali, 1987
    محمد خانمير هلالي، پښتانه ننګيالي، 1987



    A Seminar by POHA Foundation on the eve of 477th Anniversary of Afghan Victory in India

    When? On 17/05/2017 at 16:00.

    په هند کښې د افغانستان د بري ۴۷۷ کليزې په درشل کښې د پوهه فاؤنډېشن په بنسټ يو يوورځنئ غونډه.

    کله؟ په 17/05/2017 باندې 16:00 بجو ته۔

    A book by Dr. Yusuf Khan Jazab on Ethno-Linguistic study of Karlanri Dialectal Variations (e.g. Phonological, Morphological, and Lexical), such as Waziri, Bannuchi, and Khattak dialects has been published by Pashto Academy. Their colloquial speech is compared with that of Marwats, a Non-Karlanri tribe.

    When? On 06/05/2017

    د پښتو کرلاڼي لهجو تر مېنځ توپېرونو په حواله ، ډاکټر يوسف خان جزاب يو مفصل قومي او ژبني جاج وړاندې کړۍ دې۔ دوئي دغه لهجې د مروتو لهجې (چه غېر کرلاڼيان دي) سره پر تله کړي دي۔ نن پښتو اکېډمي دغه مطالعه په کتابي شکل کښې خپور کړو۔

    کله؟ په 06/05/2017 باندې

    Pashto Journal

    Patron:  Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar

    Editor in Chief: Dean Faculty of Islamic & Oriental Study, University of Peshawar

    Editor: Prof. Dr. Nasrullah Jan Wazir, Director, Pashto Academy, Peshawar

    Dr. Farkhanda Liaqat, Associate Professor, Pashto Academy
    Dr. Noor Muhammad Danish Bettani, Assistant Professor, Pashto Academy

    Plagiarism / Ethics Policy
    The journal complies with Ethics Policy established by the Higher Education Commission, Govt. of Pakistan. Detailed policy can be seen Here.

    Pashto is a bilingual/biannual refereed research journal published by the Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar. It is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan under Z category. It publishes papers in Pashto and English on Pashto language, literature, history, art and culture.

    Editorial Board Members (International):

    Editorial Board Members (National):

    Other Staff members: Shahid Ali Shah (Publication Officer), Irshad Khan (Pashto Composing), Muhammad Arif Javed (English Composing), Adnan Khan (Proof-Reader)

    ISSN: 0555-8158

    Subscription Rate: Rs. 500 / annum or Rs. 200 per copy for domestic subscription. $ 20 / annum or $ 10 per copy for international subscription. Costs exclude delivery charges

    Guidelines for Contributors:

    Pashto, Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar welcomes papers in English and Pashto on Pashto language, literature, history, art, Folk and culture. Manuscripts should not exceed 8000 words (including end notes and references). Quotations from foreign texts must be translated in the body of the paper, and accompanied by the original in the endnotes. The author's name, e-mail and mailing addresses and institutional affiliation should appear on a separate title page. Each paper in Pashto is to be preceded by 200 worded abstract in English. Submission for consideration for publication in Pashto, 2 hard copies and a soft copy, may please be mailed to the Editor. Pashto publishes one single-authored paper, two co-authored and a single authored and a co-authored paper by the same author per number.

    Papers must be in accordance with the MLA style.

    In connection with the selection of topics for Pashto journal, it should be noted that preference will be given to topics i.e. Pashto Language & Literature, Pashtoon Culture, Civilization, History, Geography and Folklore. More than two articles on the same subject in the same issue of Pashto Journal are not allowed. Those articles written by Joint authors, the first author is required to provide written proof of the contribution of second author in the said article

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